Infosys : the marriage of digital innovation and better value creation

Infosys is a global leader in technology and consulting services. The company enables clients in more than 50 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. Infosys is an entrepreneurial adventure that began with seven engineers and US$250. It is today a publicly traded company driven by 199,000+ employee and revenues of more than $9.94 bn (LTM Q2 FY17).

Efficient and new value creation

Infosys helps enterprises to renew and improve existing landscapes, on the basis of innovation, so their business might achieve greater efficiencies and remain relevant to the times. This renewal is complemented by simultaneously helping them explore completely new and unprecedented avenues of value creation.

infosys-logoBehind this duality of renewal and embracing new things, within compatible frameworks, Infosys ensures that this transformation is embedded in a purposeful culture. Continuous learning is at the heart of this culture, so people might then be equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage the opportunities and tackle the challenges that the future will bring.

Design Thinking Approach

One way in which Infosys facilitates this is by helping businesses appreciate the Design Thinking approach to problem finding and solving. In fact, Infosys has conducted over 200 such workshops for their clients helping them imagine and prepare for the future of their aspirations.

Infosys effort is to deliver the most extraordinary software projects, on the basis of extreme advances in technology, especially in areas such as Automation and Artificial Intelligence, to equip their clients to take advantage of the best opportunities of our times.

Infosys wants to be able to create a new future, whether it is capturing the know-how of retiring talent into knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence systems to facilitate smart maintenance through generations of making, building sensor-enabled connected automobiles that ‘care’ about driving safety, or renewing legacy landscapes with knowledge-based automation or enabling predictive maintenance of mission-critical equipment.

A future where businesses can channel intelligent, open platforms, software and services to innovate and realize the advantages of digital transformation.

Machine Learning

Infosys focuses on amplifying the potential of businesses, and their people by making powerful new technologies and concepts – from Machine Learning to Design Thinking, from pervasive connectedness to ubiquitous authoring – converge, so enterprises can thrive based on automation, innovation and knowledge. And not just solve, but uncover new challenges and new demands that lie unarticulated and are the very essence of future opportunity.

Infosys believe their responsibilities also extend beyond the boundaries of business. While Infosys Foundation in India creates opportunities for the underprivileged and strives to build a more equitable society, Infosys Foundation USA focuses on bridging the digital divide in America.

It aims to give children, young adults, and workers across the United States the skills they need to become creators, and not just consumers, of technology. And Infosys Science Foundation awards the Infosys Prize to some of the most important research of our times in the sciences and the humanities.

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